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Steel Fabrication

Our workshop, which is equipped with state of the art machinery, enables us to fabricate a diverse range of structural steel efficiently. Our workshop can be modelled to fabricate standard structural steel to more bespoke items – such as large truss assemblies.

A brief list of some of our equipment below

Profile oxy /plasma    

Cantilever Messer Greshem, 2.5M wide x 18M long capacity

Saw / Drill line Ficep 1203 DB

Largest fully automated bandsaw in Ireland.

Can process members up to 8 tonnes in weight.

Is capable of cutting 1200mm x 600mm

Plate Line Ficep F504

Fully automated plate and angle, punch and shear line

Capacity: 50*8mm to 500*25mm PLT. Up to 150*150*15mm RSA

12M infeed & 10M outfeed

Ironworker Sunrise

160 Tonne

Gillotine Capacity

3M wide x 15mm thick plate

Pressbrake Capacity

3M wide x 10mm thick

Bandsaw Shark NC

Fully Automated

Plate profile line TIPO B / 20  

Capacity: 12M x 2.5M

Plasma / Oxy / Punch / Drill / Tap / Mill

Blaster Gietart custom 8 wheel

2.6M x 1.8M opening

Capable of handling sheets up to 2.75M wide

Custom made baskets for smaller items

In & out feed of 25M


Graco Extreme pumps

Can apply all paint systems

Quality system tracks DFT / humidity / temp etc.