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Over the years, Leonard Engineering (Ballybay) Ltd has built up a strong reputation for delivering high quality steelwork at competitive rates. We have a developed a detailed in-house quality system which ensures that all items are produced efficiently and to the highest standards.

Each project which we secure has a unique and personalised quality system developed specifically.  This system allows us to:

  1. Assign ID numbers to all steel bars which are delivered to our works.
  2. Identify and track which members are cut from individual steel bars.
  3. Track the members process throughout our works from cutting & drilling, through fabrication and welding. This system also allows us to track which operatives carry out each individual task.
  4. Finally, all protective coating data is recorded for each piece prior to loading.

Upon completion of each project a fully detailed handover pack is presented to the client.


Safety within our organisation is of paramount importance. The safety of all our employee's in our works and on site is of paramount importance. Over the years we have developed safe systems of work in each area of manufacture.This contributes to a highly safe, organized and clean workshop – on which we regularly get commended on.

Not only does this ensure the safety of our personnel, but also we are able to avoid downtime and maintain workflow. We believe that ensuring that safe systems are implemented and maintained enables us to produce work efficiently on a constant basis.

All of our safety documentation relating to site works are developed in-house and on a site specific basis. Each safety and method statement is tailored to the project on hand.